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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I clean my bag?
My suggestion is for you to consult your local dry cleaners for their recommendation, but most bags should be considered ''Spot Clean Only.'' The lining material is polyester and cotton and can be hand washed by pulling the lining from inside the bag and either spot cleaning or carefully immersing only the lining in water.
2.  Why do some bags have tassels and others do not?
Depending on their use, some people prefer their tote bags to be left open. Tassels can be added—or left off—at your request.
3.  Do tassels sometimes fall apart?
Yes, unfortunately, some tassels do unravel over time. I have found that a little white glue often repairs a tassel with no evidence of a repair at all. Other times, a simple stitch or two will do the trick.
4.  Are replacement tassels available?
Replacement tassels will usually be available for around $6.00, depending on the style and color. If the exact tassel is not available, I will endeavor to find a satisfactory substitute. Tassels are usually stitched on by hand after the bag has been constructed and can be easily replaced. I will be happy to sew the tassel for you, but shipping charges are your responsibility
5.  Are fabric samples available?
Fabric samples are often available. Let me know which ones you would like to see and I will send you as many as I can.

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