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Carol Grace Designs was formally created in May 2006, but family and friends have enjoyed my handcrafted totes and handbags for several years. My daughter-in-law really appreciated the size of her extra-large tapestry tote bag for all of her daughter's diaper bag necessities. My mother accumulated a large tapestry handbag collection, used them all, and enjoyed displaying them where visitors to her home could also admire them. In contrast, my personal one-of-a-kind tapestry handbag complements most of my favorite outfits and is rarely exchanged for a different one. I also enjoy using a large tapestry tote bag for a quilting project and special treasures for my grandchildren, who love to look in Grandma's bag!

As for my sewing abilities, I have been sewing since I was a little girl, which was a long time ago. My mother told stories about how she would tell me something was OK, but next time I should make it a little better. I wouldn't settle for less than perfect and would always rip it out and do it over again. I made all of my own clothes for years, suits for my husband, and a few things for my darling twin sons. When they were three years old, I started sewing professionally as a way to make money while still taking care of them. I spent three years in the alterations business and then began making windsocks by the thousands. After eight years, I became a contract seamstress for a home decor company and sewed for them for over 17 years. My latest endeavor has been sewing Slinglings baby slings, which I have thoroughly enjoyed, especially since I was able to use one with my new grandson. I am very proud of the various items sewn by me that have been used and appreciated in homes across America.

Having collected boxes of beautiful tapestry, chenille and upholstery fabrics over the years, I began exploring how I could best use them. After fashioning a few open totes, I discovered that a tassel was the perfect closing mechanism for my handbags. Of all the handbags sold on the Internet, I've never seen any quite like mine. Therefore, I am now offering some of my favorite creations to you.  

I hope this glimpse into my life helps you to feel comfortable with making a purchase from Carol Grace Designs. I use my handbags and totes with pride and hope you will enjoy using them, too. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.

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